Mother Earth

“That nature is the basis for our survival and that everything is interconnected is completely natural to me.”


Nature Gives Me Strength

As a Sami and with roots from the Colombian Indian people, I've always had a strong connection to nature. For me, Mother Earth is the foundation of all life and it's thanks to her that we live and breathe. I also have a strong bond with the animals and sometimes it feels like we speak the same language. Among my reindeers I never feel alone no matter what and when I'm in the mountains I can be myself. Being in nature and among all the animals gives me strength, which I feel very grateful for.

Our earth, Our Responsibility

Being from two different indigenous peoples is something I'm proud of. There are 370 million people in the world who belong to indigenous peoples and more than 60 million of us are completely dependent on the forest for our survival. Despite international agreements, indigenous peoples throughout the world are struggling to protect nature. They fight for clean land and water, and to live on their ancestral lands. Standing up for the rights of nature is a matter of course. It's a struggle that requires courage and perseverance and a struggle that must continue.